Enjoy the future of automobiles today. If you’re looking for a new vehicle, or interested in the latest car trends in 202 and beyond, check out these top five trends. Each of these trends represents continued advancement in technology and designs you may already be familiar with. Find out what to expect when shopping for the latest cars today and throughout 2020 and beyond.

Improved Quality Over Affordability

Customers are increasingly rating the quality of vehicles over affordability. A recent survey found that 30% of car owners value a quality car over an affordable one. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find affordable cars in the future, but you can expect to see long-lasting designs that are built to last longer than today’s vehicles.

Affordability in vehicle design was the second most popular answer, so cost-effective options are still a major factor in future car trends. As automakers continue to tailor vehicle designs to their consumers’ needs, expect to enjoy more affordable, high-quality vehicles for you and your family.

Increased Use of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a big trend that you can expect to see more of in the future. Not only does this mean designing vehicles that are less reliant on fossil fuels, but it also means innovations in manufacturing processes. Lowering the overall energy required and the total carbon footprint of your vehicle can translate into a greener environment and reduced costs.

Widespread Car Sharing Services

Car sharing has been a major innovation in the past decade, so expect it to continue to grow as a 2020 car trend. The rise of mobile apps supporting car-sharing services will create an affordable, convenient network of car-sharing services across the country.
Whether you’re looking for an employment opportunity with your 2020 car or considering swapping car ownership with ride-sharing convenience, this popular service isn’t going away anytime soon.

Road-Ready Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars may very well be in wide-spread use in the 2020s. This exciting technology is a major leap in the automobile industry that has yet to be implemented broadly. The technology for self-driving cars exists, but software issues are currently holding back this exciting innovation. Unusual situations create unpredictable results, so the software needs continued work to account for all driving conditions.

Keep an eye on this technology into the 2020s. Once the software has been developed sufficiently, you can expect self-driving cars to be as safe or safer than a human driver. You very well maybe letting go of your steering wheel sometime in the 2020s.

Affordable Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are all the rage today, but their prices and other features make them inaccessible to most car owners. As prices continue to drop, expect to see electric vehicles become more popular. Affordable electricity, long-lasting batteries, and budget-friendly designs may propel electric cars to the forefront of the automobile industry.

Some of the biggest roadblocks to electric cars are their charging times, upfront cost, and design issues. Once electric engines can compete with the towing power of a pickup, the rugged versatility of a Jeep, and the practical cost of a budget minivan, expect to see plenty of car owners making the switch to electric.

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