Regular car maintenance can help your vehicle’s interior, exterior, and mechanical components last longer and perform better. Whether you’ve just purchased a newer sports car or you’re still driving your old, reliable truck, use these car care tips to prevent faded paint, a damaged air conditioner, and other issues.

Why Protect Your Vehicle from the Sun?

Temperatures can reach high levels in Las Vegas, but the interior of your car can become even hotter. High temperatures can dry out leather seats, discolor your paint job, and promote oxidation.

In extreme cases, your battery, air filter, and air conditioner can also become damaged. Beat the heat this summer and enjoy a well-maintained vehicle that keeps you cool as you commute or explore the beautiful Las Vegas area.

There are two basic ways that the sun damages your vehicle: UV rays and heat. Direct sunlight exposes your vehicle to UV rays, which can fade your interior and exterior. Increased temperatures are also problematic, so it’s best to find a way to avoid both effects of the summer sun.

Parking Tips for Hot Climates

Finding the ideal parking spot is a great way to reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle and UV ray exposure. Direct sunlight is particularly damaging to your vehicle, so look for a parking spot in the shade. A shaded spot may not always be easy to find or convenient, but it can help prevent additional exposure to UV rays.

This is particularly important at work and at home. A quick stop at a convenience store won’t affect your vehicle very much, but eight hours of direct sunlight can be problematic.

Waxing and Washing

Do you have uneven wear on your exterior paint? Dirt and debris can affect the ways that sunlight interacts with your paint job. Heat and debris together can create unevenly faded paint. If debris on your vehicle begins to scratch your paint, direct sunlight can encourage oxidation and rust.

Wash and wax your vehicle routinely to keep it looking new and vibrant. Use specialized car shampoo to pamper your ride. A microfiber cloth gently wipes the surface of your paint without leaving streaks or scrapes. A garden hose can rinse off most debris, but tough stains and contaminants may need a pressure washer.

After a good scrubbing, waxing your car is an excellent way to protect its surface from UV rays and prevent additional damage. Try to wax your vehicle twice a year or more if it’s exposed to lots of dirt and debris. High-quality car wax creates a layer of protection against UV damage and debris. Washing and waxing is about far more than looks; it’s a great way to prevent rust and other structural damage to your car’s body.

Protection Film

If the wax isn’t enough of a protective coat, consider investing in protection film. This invisible film product works even more effectively at protecting your exterior from scratches, dust, debris, and even dents.

You can pick up a DIY protection film kit or stop by a car care service provider for a professional application. This protective investment is great for vehicles that are exposed to a good deal of dust and grime daily.

Tire Maintenance

Tires are an overlooked part of your vehicle when it comes to summer protection. While not as obvious as damage to your interior or your paint job, heat can weaken the rubber structure of your tires and make it more likely to tear.

This is especially true when driving on hot asphalt or driving with under-inflated or over-inflated tires. Keep all four tires on the road and ready to ride by checking on them routinely. Ask a qualified mechanic to inspect them for signs of wear and inflation issues.

If you do experience a blown tire, invest in quality replacements to avoid the same issue this summer. Durable tires prevent heat from causing a tear or other issues.

Windshield and Interior Protection

Protect your windshield and interior from the damaging effects of direct sunlight. Your windshield is the largest area that exposes your car’s interior to UV rays. It can also magnify rays and dramatically increase the interior temperature of your vehicle.

When the interior surfaces of your car heat up, they can fade and crack. A cracked dashboard, steering wheel, or leather seats can decrease the value of your vehicle and make the interior uncomfortable.

Find out how you can invest in a few affordable products to save your seats and keep the value of your vehicle. Sunshades, tinting, and routine cleaning are great ways to protect the interior of your vehicle.


A cost-effective summer car care product is a sunshade. Sunshades come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Some shades easily fold up and are convenient to store, while others are made of thick material and offer more insulation and protection.

Basically, a sunshade is designed to reflect UV rays and heat. Reflective material spread across your entire windshield, rear window, and side windows block rays and heat. These affordable products are great while your vehicle is parked, but completely block your vision while driving.

Tinting Options

Tinted windows have always been a stylish option for vehicles, but this service is also a practical way to reduce UV exposure in your vehicle. Block harmful rays with a professional tinting process by a reliable auto repair shop.

Check out local laws for the type of tinting available in your area. Many areas require tinting to remain at a particular percentage. Your local auto shop will know the laws in your area and can assist you in a quality service that is road legal.

Don’t Forget to Detail Your Car’s Interior!

Dust and debris on the interior of your vehicle can be affected by heat in the same way as your exterior. Take time to clean your dashboard, seats, and steering wheel with quality automotive wipes or cleaning solution. Routine cleaning is far easier than trying to remove baked-on dirt and debris at the end of the season.

Focus on the Seats and Dash

The intense heat on a dirty dashboard can create uneven wear and other issues. Just like your paint job, spend additional time on these essential areas of your interior. A microfiber cloth or specialized cleaning wipe cleans without drying or scratching your dash.

Seat covers or leather wipes can provide the same protection for your seating. Dried out leather is uncomfortable and can start to crack. Look for affordable seat covers to increase the padding of your seats while protecting them from harmful rays.

Mechanical Maintenance

Finally, it’s important to keep up with your mechanical maintenance in the summer. Intense heat can affect your battery, and extra dust in the air can quickly clog your air filter. As you crank up your AC, be sure it’s ready to provide clean, cool air all summer. A new air filter may be all you need to prevent engine damage or air conditioner damage.

Stop by AutoMax of Las Vegas for a Tune-Up

If you’re ready for professional maintenance on your vehicle this summer, receive maintenance services at AutoMax of Las Vegas. As your premier provider of quality auto repairs and used cars in Las Vegas, our team will work with you to inspect any issues and provide comprehensive UV and heat protection.