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Buy vs Leasing a Car | Automax of Las Vegas

Whether you’ve considered upgrading your current car or experienced a recent breakdown, there are many reasons to shop for either a new car or a lease. Find out the differences between buying vs. leasing a car and discover how you can enjoy an affordable, stylish set of wheels today.


Advantages of Buying a Vehicle

Unlike a lease, buying a car offers you the benefit of owning your own vehicle. If you have the financing available to buy the latest new and used vehicles available, you’ll enjoy a lower overall investment after years of driving. You also have complete control of any customization of your vehicle. Add awesome aftermarket wheels, upgrade your paint job, or invest in an improved suspension system for offroad driving.


Buying a car is a great way to avoid hidden fees. Don’t pay excessive lease fees, but enjoy a reasonable money payment plan when you choose premier financing options. Depending on your down payment and other factors, you can enjoy affordable monthly payments that are reasonable and pay off your loan quickly.


Thanks to leading new and used car dealerships, you can enjoy an extensive selection of cars for sale. Dealers typically only lease newer vehicles to prevent a leased vehicle from breaking down. Vehicles for sale can be new, old, and anywhere in between.


Disadvantages of Buying a Vehicle

Of course, there are some disadvantages to purchasing a vehicle. Depending on the deal you receive and the financing you choose, your monthly payment may be higher when you purchase a vehicle. A lease payment, on the other hand, is typically more affordable for long-term payment options.


While some competitive financing options require a small down payment, most require a larger down payment than leasing. A large down payment can make it difficult for individuals with little credit or cash to receive the car of their dreams. Your down payment and credit score can affect your financing options, but the value of your vehicle can also affect the available financing.


Pros of Leasing a Vehicle

One of the biggest advantages of leasing a car vs. buying is that you won’t have to worry about depreciation with a leased vehicle. All vehicles depreciate over time. If you’ve taken out a large loan to purchase a vehicle, it may quickly lose more value than your loan is worth.


Leasing, however, allows you to continue to make fixed payments over the course of your lease. You’ll enjoy a brand-new or like-new vehicle every few years as you renew your lease and won’t have to deal with the cost and stress of selling your car.


Cons of Leasing a Vehicle

If a lease is your long-term plan for your vehicle, you’ll pay far more over your lifetime than owning vehicles. After you’ve paid off a car you own, you’ll experience far less in monthly payments. Leasing, however, never stops requiring monthly payments.


Some leases require specialized insurance, known as gap insurance. This insurance is an additional cost that you won’t have to worry about if you own your car outright.


When you find a great deal on aftermarket parts for your leased car, you’re often restricted by modifying your car in any way. For DIY enthusiasts, a lease may prevent you from enjoying the weekend projects you love.


Compare Cars for Sale and Lease at Automax of Las Vegas Today!

Now that you’ve reviewed leasing vs. buying a car and the pros and cons, it’s time to make a decision. If you’re ready to check out great deals on used vehicles near Las Vegas, stop by Automax of Las Vegas. Learn more about our great deals and contact us today about  new and used vehicles and enjoy dynamic financing options to afford to purchase your own car today.

Car Problems to Watch For | Automax of Las Vegas

Your vehicle needs routine maintenance in order to function efficiently. Some maintenance repairs need to be performed periodically, like changing your oil, while others are rare but require more significant repairs, like damaged sensors or a failed alternator. If you have any of these or other car problems, discover where you can turn for quality repair service and maintenance information in Las Vegas.


Balding or Worn Tires

Worn-out tires decrease your traction and can increase the risk of a flat tire. Normal operation can cause your tires to wear out over time, so it’s important to replace your tires as they wear down. If your tires have uneven wear patterns, particularly if they’ve worn down quicker than expected, it could be a sign of a wheel alignment issue. A qualified mechanic can easily adjust your alignment and install brand-new wheels.


Consider upgrading to premium tires to enjoy a long-lasting alternative. Budget tires may have a lower price tag, but they often wear out quickly when compared to premium options. Invest in quality components, and you’ll enjoy a quality drive.


Low Engine Oil

A few issues can damage your engine like low oil. Engine oil lubricates moving parts in your engine, so without it, components can quickly grind, seize, and create unpleasant issues throughout your motor. Monitor your engine oil and look for signs of a sudden drop in oil level. This could be caused by a leak. Thankfully, a skilled technician can find the source of your oil leak and repair it to keep your engine lubricated.


Worn-Out Brakes

There are many signs that your brakes need to be replaced. One of the most common car problems is worn-out brake pads, but there are a number of other issues that could be affecting your braking power. Here are some signs that you need to have your brakes checked by a mechanic:

  • Grinding noises when driving or braking
  • Sloshy, unresponsive braking
  • Sticking brakes
  • Unusual pulling as you brake


Have a mechanic inspect your brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake fluid to find the source of your brake issue. A simple fix can protect you and restore your efficient braking power.


Damaged Sensors

Is your check engine light on? Is your dashboard covered with warning lights? These lights can point to serious issues. However, if a light turns on and you don’t experience any other signs of damage, it may be caused by a faulty sensor.


Sensor issues should still be addressed promptly. An oxygen sensor, for example, not only alerts you of a potential issue but also communicates with your vehicle to provide the optimal air/fuel ratio. A simple electrical connector or sensor replacement could dramatically increase the fuel economy of your vehicle, or it could be the warning sign you need to receive a more in-depth repair service.


Failed Alternator

A failed alternator can prevent your car from starting altogether, or it can cause your battery to drain completely. The alternator is responsible for running your electrical systems as your vehicle is running and for charging your car battery. Failed electrical systems may be the result of a damaged car battery, but it’s important to have your alternator inspected as well.


Stop by Automax of Las Vegas for Assistance Today!

For more information about common maintenance issues or to enjoy complete car care services in Las Vegas, stop by our vehicle service center at AutoMax of Las Vegas. Our skilled technicians provide full-service maintenance and emergency repairs to keep your car running safely and efficiently. If you’re ready to swap out your old car for an exciting new one, check out our affordable new and used vehicles. Enjoy quality car care and reliable replacement vehicles for your next road trip or your daily commute.

2020 Car Trends to Watch | Automax of Las Vegas

Enjoy the future of automobiles today. If you’re looking for a new vehicle, or interested in the latest car trends in 202 and beyond, check out these top five trends. Each of these trends represents continued advancement in technology and designs you may already be familiar with. Find out what to expect when shopping for the latest cars today and throughout 2020 and beyond.

Improved Quality Over Affordability

Customers are increasingly rating the quality of vehicles over affordability. A recent survey found that 30% of car owners value a quality car over an affordable one. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find affordable cars in the future, but you can expect to see long-lasting designs that are built to last longer than today’s vehicles.

Affordability in vehicle design was the second most popular answer, so cost-effective options are still a major factor in future car trends. As automakers continue to tailor vehicle designs to their consumers’ needs, expect to enjoy more affordable, high-quality vehicles for you and your family.

Increased Use of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a big trend that you can expect to see more of in the future. Not only does this mean designing vehicles that are less reliant on fossil fuels, but it also means innovations in manufacturing processes. Lowering the overall energy required and the total carbon footprint of your vehicle can translate into a greener environment and reduced costs.

Widespread Car Sharing Services

Car sharing has been a major innovation in the past decade, so expect it to continue to grow as a 2020 car trend. The rise of mobile apps supporting car-sharing services will create an affordable, convenient network of car-sharing services across the country.
Whether you’re looking for an employment opportunity with your 2020 car or considering swapping car ownership with ride-sharing convenience, this popular service isn’t going away anytime soon.

Road-Ready Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars may very well be in wide-spread use in the 2020s. This exciting technology is a major leap in the automobile industry that has yet to be implemented broadly. The technology for self-driving cars exists, but software issues are currently holding back this exciting innovation. Unusual situations create unpredictable results, so the software needs continued work to account for all driving conditions.

Keep an eye on this technology into the 2020s. Once the software has been developed sufficiently, you can expect self-driving cars to be as safe or safer than a human driver. You very well maybe letting go of your steering wheel sometime in the 2020s.

Affordable Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are all the rage today, but their prices and other features make them inaccessible to most car owners. As prices continue to drop, expect to see electric vehicles become more popular. Affordable electricity, long-lasting batteries, and budget-friendly designs may propel electric cars to the forefront of the automobile industry.

Some of the biggest roadblocks to electric cars are their charging times, upfront cost, and design issues. Once electric engines can compete with the towing power of a pickup, the rugged versatility of a Jeep, and the practical cost of a budget minivan, expect to see plenty of car owners making the switch to electric.

Check out the Future of Cars Today at Automax of Las Vegas

At Automax of Las Vegas, we strive to stay at the forefront of the automobile industry. If you want to know more about car trends in 2020, or you’re looking for an affordable, premier vehicle to drive today, contact us. Discover how you can own a brand-new vehicle with the latest features today with our financing options and affordable rates. Trade your outdated car or truck with a brand-new vehicle with all the latest performance levels and comfortable features.
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