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Car Care Services of Automax of Las Vegas

Bring your vehicle at AutoMax of Las Vegas for full-service car maintenance. From routine oil changes to premium tire and wheel care, we ensure your vehicle is safely restored and ready for the road. Whether you’ve recently purchased one of our excellent inventory or not, our technicians are happy to perform these comprehensive services.

Fast and Affordable Oil Change

An oil change is a routine maintenance service that prevents your engine from overheating or becoming damaged. When you bring your vehicle to AutoMax of Las Vegas, you can expect a prompt oil change, replacement filter, and inspection of your vehicle. We use premium oil and give recommendations of appropriate mileage between oil changes.

Ask about our car maintenance program when you stop by for an oil change. Whether you need to rotate your tires, replace your windshield wipers, or top off your coolant, our qualified technicians can perform the essential steps your vehicle needs to keep going for years to come.

Detailed Tire and Wheel Care

There are a number of cosmetic and serious issues that can arise from wheel and tire damage. Part of our commitment to full-service support is an inspection and repair of your tires and wheels. Damaged wheels can be dangerous while you’re cruising around Las Vegas, so be sure to get any issue repaired quickly and professionally. Here are just a few services we perform to restore your traction, fuel economy, and safety on the road:

  • Bend repair
  • Painting and refinishing
  • Welding cracks and other damage
  • Restoring corroded, scratched, or stained rims

First, we carefully inspect your rims and tires for any sign of unusual wear or damage. We’ll notify you if your treads are wearing too thin and recommend a new set of tires. Any structural or cosmetic damage to your rims can be easily welded, buffed, polished, and cleaned for a flawless finish.

Comprehensive Car Maintenance at Automax of Las Vegas

We proudly service any vehicle with bumper-to-bumper auto care. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, we can work with you to provide financing approval for repairs or purchasing a vehicle. Don’t let financial issues get in the way of receiving premier car maintenance that you need to keep your vehicle moving forward.

From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, our car maintenance Las Vegas services are designed for you. We’ll work with you to provide any financing you need for auto repairs. Contact us today to learn how you can restore your vehicle and enjoy improved performance thanks to leading car maintenance services.

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