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Pre-owned Cars of Automax of Las Vegas

If you’ve got cars on your mind, you’re likely overwhelmed with choices. There’s make and model to consider as well as new or used. At Automax of Las Vegas, we make that decision easy for you. As the leading hub of used car sales Las Vegas, we’ve got thousands of proven, inspected vehicles for every price point. Pre owned cars in Las Vegas are the way to go if you want a car that is affordable, dependable and safe.

Why Choose a Pre Owned Vehicle?

Used cars may not have the new car smell but these cars still pack serious driving power. Opting for a used car also has a surprising number of benefits you may not have thought of such as:

  • No sales tax required
  • Lower registration fees
  • Features and customizations without the dealer price tag
  • Complete safety inspection

Additionally, pre owned cars are environmentally friendly because older cars have a lower carbon footprint than those just rolling off the assembly line. Since cars depreciate in value the moment they leave the dealership, a used car means you’ll save thousands of dollars right off the bat.

Yes, There is Financing for Used Cars

It’s a common misconception that there isn’t financing available for used cars. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you have good credit or bad, we can help you get the car of your dreams. We offer the most flexible financing options in the Las Vegas area with low down payments. Our staff of car experts can help you find the right vehicle for you and set you up with a financing plan that works for every budget.

Sell Your Car at Automax of Las Vegas

If you’re looking to sell or trade your car in Las Vegas, we also have a streamlined process to help you trade in your vehicle or sell it outright. We will offer you an estimate within 48 hours and if you decide to take us up, you can choose to take the full amount in cash or use the money toward a new (to you) car.

Go with the Leaders at Automax of Las Vegas Today!

Automax is the leading purveyor of pre owned cars in Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking for a convertible to cruise down the strip or you’re looking for a safe, time-tested SUV to take your kids to soccer practice, we’ve got the car for you. We work with buyers of all credit levels and have both standard one-year warranties as well as extended warranties. Contact Automax of Las Vegas today for questions about our cars or to set up a test drive.

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